Our Farm

 Family Operation

      Our farm has always been a small family operation. It was founded in 1963 by Ann and Denver Taylor, and is now run by their son, Dean Taylor. On any given weekend when you stop by our farm you are sure to find at least a couple of the family members out working in the trees. Our small size gives us the ability to provide you with the friendly personal service that keeps many families coming back year after year as part of their holiday tradition.

Perfect Location

      Our farm is located off of Highway 105 between Boone and Banner Elk in the small town of Foscoe. Our location is ideal for families looking to make a brief weekend trip to the mountains for some Christmas tradition. Just a short two hour drive from Greensboro or Charlotte, and less than an hour from Hickory or Wilkesboro. We are only minutes away from popular ski areas and snow tubing. Stop by on your way to or from your weekend adventure and find your perfect tree. Would you like to know more about our area? Just ask us, and we will be more than happy to give you a local's prospective of the area. After all the Taylor family has called the High Country home for many generations.

Our Trees

     So what makes our trees so special? The same thing that makes the rest of our farm special; our small size. Many farms now are large scale production farms that move to turn their trees quickly for wholesale. Our focus is on low volume quality trees. While some farms cut over 100,000 trees every year, we only grow a fraction of that over all. Every year we only allow for a very limited number of trees for sale at tree lots. This focus allows us to let the trees grow thicker and fuller so no matter where you place your tree it looks perfect from every angle. Want to see the difference for yourself? Look at the size of the tree trunk, our trunks are usually 2-3 inches thicker than the trees you are likely to find at your local home supply store.

     The number one difference? Freshness. Since we only allow for a very limited number of trees to go to lots we don't need to cut them near as early. Did you know that many farms start cutting their trees before the end of October? It's no wonder so many people think real trees can be such a mess! Of course the freshest way to get one of our trees is to come pick it out while it's still growing on our farm! Be sure to look under out products page for more information.