• Arriving and picking your tree

          As you turn down the driveway to the farm you will see a grassy area just across from the farm house where you can park. After parking make your way towards the barn where we will help guide you to the right area for the type of tree you are looking for. If we are not immediately out there don’t worry we are probably just assisting another one of our guests, and we are on our way to you.

          Once we know what type and size tree you’re looking for we will help guide you to the area of the farm where it can be found. Take all the time you’d like to find your tree, and feel free to walk around and explore the farm.

  • Cutting the tree

          When you have found your tree be careful not to lose which one you picked out. With so many wonderful trees many look very similar. Believe us. It’s happened before.  We are always walking around, so when you find your tree just give us a wave.

           It’s now time to cut your tree. We will cut your tree for you. Unfortunately our insurance no longer allows us to permit our guests to cut the trees themselves.

  • Loading your tree

           After you've picked your tree, and it has been cut we will transport it down the mountain to load it on your vehicle. We will offer you the option (at no additional cost) of having your tree bailed before we help you load it on your vehicle. We recommend bailing the tree only if you are mounting the tree on top of your vehicle, and plan on traveling over an hour away with the tree. If you have a truck, or are only transporting the tree a short distance or at low speeds we do not recommend bailing the tree. Bailing the tree will help protect the branches from any damage due to wind, but will take a little longer for the branches to settle upon cutting the bailing string. Not bailing the tree will allow the tree to return to it's natural shape faster, but offers little protection from the wind. If you have any questions on whether to bail or not we are more than happy to help you out.
          Once we have prepped your tree, and you have moved your car over to the loading area we will load your tree on your car for you.